Volvo DPS Drive. Verify Your Prop Shaft Splines!

Volvo DPS Drive. Verify Your Prop Shaft Splines!

Posted by Chris on Feb 27th 2021

When getting new propellers for your Volvo Penta DPS or DPS-B drive it is important to verify you are ordering the correct ones. In the past this was as simple as reading the part number off of the propeller. However, in the early 2010’s, Volvo introduced the DPS-B drive which has helical or twisted splines on the prop shaft instead of the straight splines of the DPS-A. Both of these drives run the same propellers, they just have different splines in the hub. Where this becomes an issue is that if you have the newer DPS-B drive you can have the straight splined hubs pushed out and have the helical splined hubs installed by a prop shop. Many shops that have done this conversion do not mark on the prop itself that it now has the helical splines, so if you are reading the part number off of a prop that has undergone this procedure it will still read as a standard F series (straight spline) prop instead of the newer FH (helical spline).

If you’ve owned the boat since before 2010 and haven’t had any major work done or had the main components of the drive warrantied, you still probably have the straight splined F series propellers (it’s never a bad idea to verify anyway). If you purchased the boat after 2010 or have had warranty work done, there is a chance you have the newer FH series propellers.

Fortunately it is easy enough to identify what you have by either looking at the shafts or the hubs of the propellers. If the splines are straight, you will run the F series, if the splines have a twist to them, you will run the FH series. I have included a picture of the front prop (the big one that goes on first) hubs side by side.

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