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Mercury and Quicksilver Propeller Crossover

Mercury To Quicksilver Crossover

Many people ask us the difference between Quicksilver and Mercury.  Quicksilver propellers are Mercury's aftermarket brand and are made in the same factories, from the same molds, they are just stamped different.  The most accurate comparrison would be Chevy and GMC, they produce the same products, only the branding is different.  Below you will find a list of Mercury propellers and their Quicksilver counterparts.


Mercury and Quicksilver Equivalents
Alpha 4 (No Longer Available) Diamond 4 (NLA, See Quicksilver Nemesis)
Black Max Black Diamond
Mercury Enertia Quicksilver Q3
Mercury High Five Quicksilver QST5 NLA
Mercury Mirage Quicksilver Thunderbolt
Mercury Revolution 4 Quicksilver Q4 (4-3/4" Gearcase)
Mercury Spitfire Quicksilver Nemesis
Mercury Vengeance Quicksilver Silverado
Mercury Laser II Quicksilver Lightspeed
Mercury Spitfire X7 Quicksilver Q4 (4-1/4" Gearcase)