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Inboard Propellers


The Prop Shop has the largest inventory of inboard propellers on the West Coast in both bronze and nibral material for power, sail and ski boats.  We are a "Top Ten" Michigan Wheel Distributor, "Highest Volume" stocking ZF-Faster distributor and stock Acme and OJ propellers.  Max Prop and Volvo folding propellers are available by special order.  Please contact us for pricing and delivery time.

Michigan Wheel Inboard Propellers

Michigan is the largest manufacturer of inboard propellers in the United States.  They make a variety of props that cover an application range from pleasure to commercial uses.  Product is offered in both bronze and nibral alloys.  If the exact size you require is not available, we can trim diameter and change pitch to reach the end result. Product range from 2 and 3 blade sail boat props to 3, 4 and 5 blade pleasure and commercial props.  Sailer, MP, Dyna-Jet, Dyna-Quad and Workhorse propellers are available in both bronze and nibral alloys.  Stainless steel alloy can also be provided.

ZF Inboard Propeller

ZF-FASTER Fixed Pitch Propellers

ZF-FASTER propellers are a high quality propellers that are NC machined to ISO 484 standard.  They are supplied in either ISO Class I or Class S.  Because of the NC machining, number of blades, blade area, bores and hub length can be specified as well as pitches that fall above and below normally available ranges.  Propellers are available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 blades in both bronze and nibral alloys.  ZF propellers are be made to match your needs for both pleasure and commercial craft applications.

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Ski Boat Propellers


Acme makes a high quality, high performance propeller for applications from ski and wake boat to large pleasure craft.  The props are 100% CNC accurate and extremely consistent.  The props are made in the USA.  They offer exceptionally smooth operation and great performance. Find ACME Propellers in the link below.

ACME Propellers


OJ Propellers have long been the world's leading tournament water ski propeller manufacturer.  Their 3-blade Legend has been the standard of the industry.  The newer 4Force has become very popular and has replace the 3-blade in many applications.

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