Michigan Wheel Inboard Propellers

Inboard Propellers by Michigan Wheel


Michigan is the largest manufacturer of inboard propellers in the United States.  They make a variety of props that cover an application range from pleasure to commercial uses.  Product is offered in both bronze and nibral alloys.  As one of the largest stocking Michigan Wheel distributors in the world, chances are we have what you need in stock.  If we do not have it in stock, we can either special order it for you, or have our full service propeller shop modify it to your specifications.

If the exact size you require is not available, we can trim diameter and change pitch to reach the end result. Product range from 2 and 3 blade sail boat props to 3, 4 and 5 blade pleasure and commercial props. Below is a list of the most popular Michigan Wheel inboard prop styles, there are many more available, contact us for a quote or information.

Most popular styles include:

  • Dyna Jet - Most common type of 3 blade propeller. Works great on pleasure boats and higher speed commercial vessels.
  • Dyna Quad - Most popular 4 blade propeller in the US.  Considered by many as "the standard" in inboard propellers.
  • Machine Pitch (MP) - Most common type of 3 blade propeller for sailboats and commercial vessels.
  • M-500 - A member of the "Dyna" series. 5 blades for unparalleled smoothness and pushing power. 
  • PacMaster - Heavy duty, stainless steel commercial propellers.  High strength for heavy use in shallow water and contact with debris.

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