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Solas Bravo III Propellers

Solas Bravo III Propellers

Posted by Chris on May 11th 2023

If you have tried to find Mercury or Quicksilver Bravo 3 propellers over the past few years, you have likely had a tough time locating any. When Mercury informed us in 2020 that they would be on backorder for the foreseeable future, we began searching for a replacement that would be comparable to the Mercury propellers in both quality and performance. After quite a bit of customer feedback, we landed on the Solas Bravo III props.

The Solas props have matched up really well performance wise to the Mercury props and the quality has been on par with the Mercury OEM as well.

There are a few things to consider when replacing your Mercury / Quicksilver props with the Solas ones.

  • You cannot mix Mercury/Quicksilver Bravo 3 props with the Solas on the same outdrive. When switching to the Solas, you will need to buy both a front and rear.
  • The Solas Bravo III propellers match up pitch for pitch with the Mercury / Quicksilver. For example, if you are currently running 22P Mercury props, go straight across to the 22P Solas.

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