Can I Install a Hub Kit in my Propeller?

Can I Install a Hub Kit in my Propeller?

Posted by Chris on Jul 25th 2019

Will my propeller take a hub kit?

Can your prop take a hub kit? Under most circumstances, it is fairly easy to tell. See below for pictures and explanations.

If a prop has four squared off edges in the hub cavity, it will take a hub kit (see arrows in above images).

IMAGE A shows an empty hub cavity, IMAGE B shows one with a rubber hub installed. If your prop looks like IMAGE B, you will need to have the hub pressed out in order to install a hub kit.

Another indication that the prop will take a hub kit is if it ends in either "A45" "A46" or "X". For example QA1912X and 48-832828A45. If it ends in "A40" it MIGHT take a hub kit, but you have to check if the hub cavity is squared. An "A41" and "A5" or parts ending in "R" ie, QA2120R will never take a hub kit.

IMAGE C (with hub installed) and IMAGE D (without hub installed) show props that will NOT take a hub kit. Note that they are both completely round in the hub cavity.

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