Poly Flex 5-3/4"- Twin Disc and ZF Marine Transmissions Heavy Duty Flexible Shaft Coupling 5/8" Bolts (P616 5/8-4-95)

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P616 5/8-4-95 BLUE
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5-3/4" Poly Flex Heavy Duty Flexible Shaft Coupling for Twin Disc and ZF Marine Transmissions with 5/8" Bolts (P616 5/8-4-95-BLUE)

Poly Flex flexible shaft couplings isolate and reduce vibration and the shock of shifting in and out of gear by providing a damper between the transmission and propeller shaft. Poly Flex couplings also provide a sacrificial link between the propeller shaft and transmission that when struck hard enough by rocks, logs, line, etc, is designed to fail in order to prevent or reduce damage to the transmission.


Transmission Flange
Bolts Bolt
Thickness Poly Flex Diameter Torque Rating
5-3/4" 6 x 5/8" 4-3/4" 3" 1-1/2" 7-1/4" 2750
  • Model # P616 5/8-4-95 BLUE
  • Fits Twin Disc, ZF
  • Made in the Australia
  • Cross reference: Drivesaver 5756APR plus 1/2" to 5/8" bushing kit


Use this formula to determine torque rating:

Engine Horsepower x 7124 x Reduction Ratio
                             Engine R.P.M.


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