Anchor Bushings Nylon Propeller Bushing - 1-1/4" Bore to 1-1/8" Shaft (NB7)

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Anchor Bushing Propeller Bore Reducing Bushing (Nylon) 1-1/4" Bore to 1-1/8" Shaft (NB7)

Anchor Bushing propeller bore reducing bushings will adapt a inboard propeller with a larger bore to a smaller diameter shaft. 

  • Comes complete with a brass step key
  • Fits standard SAE propeller shaft taper
  • 1:16 taper rate

The nylon bushing work fine for low horsepower applications.  For high horsepower usage the bronze bushing is a better choice.

Sizes Available
Bushing Number Material Shaft Diameter Propeller Bore
NB7 Nylon 1-1/8" 1-1/4"





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