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Inboard Propeller Installation Instructions

Inboard Propeller Installation Instructions by Michigan Wheel

How altitude affects outboard / sterndrive prop sizing

Information and Chart to Determine Prop Bore Size, Shaft Diameter & Taper

Information and chart for determining what size shaft, prop bore, and taper you have.

Why are Wide Open Throttle RPM So Important?

Yamaha Propeller Crossover (Saltwater Series II, Reliance, Aluminum)

What WOT RPM Should I Be Reaching?

Re Hub Volvo F Series Duoprops to Helical (spiral) Splines (DPS to DPS-B drives)

How to install a Mercury / Quicksilver Flo-Torq Hub Kit

How to tell which rotation your prop is (video)

Don't know how to tell if your prop is right or left hand rotation?  Watch this video to find out how.

Easily Diagnose a Spun Hub

Outboard Prop Repair Process

Picking The Right Prop

Tips for picking the right propeller

Winter is Coming: Boat Winterizing Tips

Propeller Maintenance tips