The Prop Shop - Product Spotlight: Quicksilver Nemesis 4 Blade Aluminum Propeller Information
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Product Spotlight: Quicksilver Nemesis

Quicksilver Propellers

We have been carrying the Quicksilver Nemesis for a few years and have been very impressed with the performance it offers.  Read on to learn some of the benefits of these four blade propellers.


Need help with your hole shot? Having trouble staying on plane? Cavitating while cornering?  These are a few of the reasons that people switch from a 3 to a 4 blade propeller.  In the past, when switching from a 3 to 4 blade prop, there was a big trade-off, while the 4 blade would offer great hole shot and holding power, the boat's top speed would usually suffer quite a bit.  Quicksilver's previous aluminum 4 blade propeller, the Diamond 4, worked well on the low end, but left much to be desired with top end speed.  With the Nemesis it seems that Quicksilver has figured out how to save that top speed. 

We have had a lot of sucess improving overall performance using the Nemesis especially on pontoon boats and boats used for waterskiing and wakeboarding.


Find specs, information, and links below:


  • Available for 25hp - 150hp+ outboards and sterndrives 

  • Mercury has designed these props to cross over pitch for pitch. Eg, if you are running a 19p 3 blade aluminum, use a 19p Nemesis

  • Available in pitches from 10-21

  • Great acceleration (hole shot) without top speed sacrifice

  • Excellent holding power, especially in turns

  • The Nemesis is the Quicksilver branded Mercury Spitfire

  • Click Here for 40-140 HP (4-1/4" Gearcase)

  • Click Here for 150+ HP (4-3/4" Gearcase)