The Prop Shop - Inboard Propeller Hardware including nut kits, propeller bushings, keys & slotted nuts.
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Hardware for inboard propellers including nut sets, key  stock, prop bushings, slotted nuts

Anchor Bore Reducing Propeller Bushings

Anchor Bore Reducing Propeller Bushings

Propeller Bore Reducing Bushing

Inboard Propeller Shaft Nut Kit Sets

Inboard Propeller Nut Kit Sets

Prop Shaft Nut Set Kits for 3/4" - 3" Shafts

Propeller Shaft Keys


Propeller Shaft & Coupler Keys

Strut and Cutless Bearings by GLIDE Bearings and Johnson Duramax

Strut & Cutless Bearings

Brass & Non-Metallic Cutless / Strut Bearings